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Insider Jokes Only Programmers Will Get

It isn’t easy being a programmer. They code all day, debug all night and go through thousands of code lines trying to clear up all possible messes before going live with their code. Sometimes, it takes a fellow programmer to understand the hardships of another programmer. The same can be said of their jokes.

In this post, we have collected a handful of jokes, that have been floating around the Web, which showcase a programmer’s sense of humor. Don’t worry if you don’t get all of them — just get a programmer to explain it to you.

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Some People Call It Magic
This Is Why You Should Hug Your Programmer
programmer insider jokes
So That’s What It Is!
programmer insider jokes
We Should Thank The Inventor Of “Hardware”
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: csl

Well, Technically It’s True
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Claudio

Get It?
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Robert S.

Where Programmers Usually Hang Out.
programmer insider jokes
Programmers Are People Too
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: gaylard

programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: CCH

The difference between nerd introvert and extrovert.
programmer insider jokes
Brace For Backlash
programmer insider jokes
That’s Why You See Most Programmers Bespectacular!
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Arjan Einbu

Seriously, Try It
programmer insider jokes
0, 1, 2, 3…
programmer insider jokes
Good Luck Getting An Explanation About This
programmer insider jokes
The Greatest Programmer Of All Time
programmer insider jokes
For Him Nothing Is Impossible.
programmer insider jokes
It’s An Addiction
programmer insider jokes
Hello World
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Don Neufeld

Java Programmers Should Know This
programmer insider jokes
Monkey See, Monkey Do
programmer insider jokes
Sometimes We Wonder Why Do We Bother
programmer insider jokes
Once Upon A Time…
programmer insider jokes
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: GnevZmaja

programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Adam Liss

SQL Clubbing
programmer insider jokes
Unix friends
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: CodingBytes

The Programmer Has A Good Point
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Martin Cote

programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Macke

Well, Does It?
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: Adam Liss

Think Of The Possibilities!
programmer insider jokes
Reigning Champion
programmer insider jokes
Be awesome
programmer insider jokes
programmer insider jokes
Do You Think This Is A Game?
programmer insider jokes
programmer insider jokes
Never ever…
programmer insider jokes
No Class
programmer insider jokes
Which Are You?
programmer insider jokes
Conditional Love
programmer insider jokes
programmer insider jokes
programmer insider jokes

Courtesy: CommitStrip

programmer insider jokes
programmer insider jokes
programmer insider jokes

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10 Best Podcasts For Web Designers

Designing and development are one of the most common professional fields in today’s world that are ever changing and updating their technology and have multi-talented individuals working in it. Owing to the ever-evolving nature of their field, designers and developers are always looking for support from useful resources.

Podcasts are one of the resources that can help designers through their professional journey. So, here’s a list of some interesting podcasts for designers, developers, and creative professionals featuring interviews from experts in the field and tips and tricks to brush up design knowledge. Take a look at the brief intro for each podcast to know which one so you want to start with.

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21 Productivity Tips for Freelance Web Designers

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1. Layout

Layout is an interesting podcast on the subject of design, programming, and different aspects of technology. Hosted by two designers Kevin Clarke and Rafeal Condo, this podcast comments on the things that are both relatable and informative for their fellow designers and programmers.

The most interesting thing about Layout is that the hosts have a witty funny way of discussing issues or design techniques. Apart from the technical stuff, there is a lot of talk about everyday stuff like work ethics, professional issues, and latest happenings etc.

2. Design Better

Design Better

The Design Better podcast brings you some of the most interesting guest with an array of experience in the field of designing, programming, and production etc. Hosted by Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery, these podcasts deliver you deep and guide insights from industry experts.

The guests are carefully picked from the biggest organizations like Netflix, Apple, and other big guns of the Silicone valley who shed light on industry best practices and tips on enhancing your creativity. You can catch the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and RSS.

3. Roots


A podcast hosted and produced by a Filipino designer, Roots features interesting and valuable stories of different talented Filipino designers all over the world. It is ranked no. 2 on Apple Podcast (Design, Philippines) and is among the top 200 on Spotify.

You will find the stories and experiences shared by these designers on Roots podcast to be inspiring and relatable – and of course, there’s always the topic of Filipino representation in the industry. Through their Facebook page, you can also suggest any good Filipino designers to be featured on the platform.

4. Design Life

Design Life

As the name says, Design Life is a podcast from two successful women designers who talk about how they have achieved a balance their design life between a full-time job and side projects. The aim of the hosts is to motivate other individuals with similar circumstances by sharing their own life experiences.

There are many helpful topics discussed in the podcast including overcoming creative block, getting paid properly, time management, and other such issues faced by young designers. You can listen it on Apple Podcast, Overcast, Spotify, PocketCasts, and RSS.

5. Spec.fm


Spec produces high-quality podcasts by capturing the experiences of various industry experts, designers, and developers that help you brush up your skills. They seek to bring improvement opportunities to the global community of designers through enlightening podcasts about different stages of professional career.

here is a whole team of podcast hosts and producers working behind Spec to bring you all kinds of quality material. The producers regularly upload new episodes on latest resources and developments. You can access the podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Overcast, PocketCasts, and a few other platforms.

6. Rob Hope

Rob Hope

Yo! is a podcast that features insightful interviews from people who are doing most incredible work in the field of designing in different companies. Hosted and produced by Rob Hope, puts up some interesting conversations from designers, developers, photographers, and content creators from around the world.

The host always tries to bring the most inspiring individuals. Also, his style is very original – he shared his research done on each guest and even gives out a details of his production checklist. You can catch the episodes on Apple Podcast and the Rob Hope website.

7. Opacity


Opacity is an educational and insightful podcast by two creative professionals Tom Cunningham and Craig Phillips sharing tips and experiences on working the design industry. Through a healthy discussion between the two hosts, different episodes highlight various topics on designing and everyday life.

There are also some interviews with experts in the design industry in which they share their experiences and offer useful tips on the subject. You can listen to the episodes on Apple Podcast as well as Spotify.

8. Whiteboard.fm


Whitebooard is a podcast series that features interviews of designers from around the globe who share their experiences about how they started their career in the field of designing. The podcast is hosted by Mayank Khandelwal and brings forward interesting people whose experiences might benefit the design community.

The interviewees in different episodes talk about their first internships and later job experiences giving real-world insights to novice designers. You can catch it on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, or through RSS feed.

9. Design Matters

Design Matters

This podcast is not just for designers. Design Matters brings wholesome interviews from versatile creative professionals from the field of music, arts, writing, brand strategy, curation, and many other themes.

Hosted by Debbie Millman – a successful and multi-talented designer – brings talented people and their vast experiences for the listeners. You can browse any podcast by discipline, year, or the last name of the guest and listen to it via Spotify, iTunes, or the website itself.

10. Google Design

Google Design

An original podcast by the tech giant, Google Design podcast is produced with the help of a group of writers, designers, and developers at Google. It comprises of interviews of the talented folks working in different departments at Google as well as some super useful tips and guidelines shared by them on new techniques or tools.

Google Design also organizes certain events and brings creative and educational partnerships to help you brush up your skills. You can listen to the content through Google Play, iTunes, or RSS feed.

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